To the comical, absurd, and aha moments of my
  life. I invite you into my site to laugh, to ponder,
  to discover and to share my thoughts as we travel
  down this path together.
  My debut book " Over Fifty Ain't Always Fabulous-
  Reflections of a Baby Boomer", will be available for
  purchase soon. It is an exciting time for me and I invite
  you to express your thoughts and opinions on the book.
  My blog and video will be unveiled momemtarily.
 Welcome to Joydee Productions, Welcome to my funny
 thoughts. Welcome To My World.
                                                     For Purchase  www.createspace.com/4248664 or www.amazon.com
Joyce Nanette Johnson, motivational speaker, is also available for speaking engagements at workshops or conferences please call (727)867-4845
Over 50 Ain't  Always Fabulous -Reflections of a Baby Boomer
 is a humorous look at the real lives of    
 Boomers vs. the media’s unrealistic view of  some sexy, energized person that only exists in some marketing mavens’ mind.
 "They show us running through fields or  gleefully bicycling. I wonder how come they don’t show us when a Charlie horse hits us and we start screaming like wild Tasmanian devils. They show us seductively lounging in some outdoor bathtub. The reality is that I now prefer a hot shower due to the fact my body has to twist into a pretzel to navigate its way out of tub with its’ aches and pains."
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