"Over Fifty Ain’t Always Fabulous: Reflections of a Baby Boomer", is a humorous look at the real lives of Boomers, vs. the media’s unrealistic view of some sexy, energized person that only exists in some marketing mavens’ mind.
"They show us running through fields or gleefully bicycling. I wonder how come they don’t show us when a Charlie horse hits us and we start screaming like wild Tasmanian devils. They show us seductively lounging in some outdoor bathtub. The reality is that I now prefer a hot shower due to the fact my body has to twist into a pretzel to navigate its way out of tub with its’ aches and pains."
"Over Fifty Ain’t Always Fabulous" laughs out loud at the present and then takes you on a sentimental visit to the pastexamining how the same situation means different results for Boomers today.
"Liberation now is to have the right pill for the right pain at all times. It’s something soothing to my mind to know I can self-medicate at any time and just zone out for a few hours. I have pills for every imaginable ailment in every imaginable color. One of my worst fears is that a police officer stops me, sees my stash of medicines, and now is convinced I am thedrug cartel’s latest mule to attempt to transport drugs.
Back in the day "Drug exploration enticed an entire generation. Social exploration challenged our minds to examine the decay of the war, the stranglehold of segregation, birth control, and the oppression of the poor. Sexual exploration was written about and glorified in songs that unabashedly spoke of raw, unattached physical sex for the moment of pleasure and notcommitted, romantic love."
"Over Fifty Ain’t Always Fabulous.." examines that tenacious ,but strong bond between mothers and daughters ; "Some mothers and daughters are shackled together, bound in hidden secrets that still fester and boil until this day. Mothers can weave emotional webs that neither they nor their daughter can ever escape from. Mothers and daughters seem to be forever connected in a cosmic dance that shifts and changes like blowing sand. It can sometimes be a gritty feeling that can chafe, irritate and burn, while at the next moment the touch is silken, warm and beckons one to luxuriate in it.
"Over Fifty Ain’t AlwaysFabulous, Reflections of a Baby Boomer" is a shout out to the past, examination of the present , and a celebration of life’s poignant but hysterical journey.
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