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Moving On and Over the Toxic People In Your Life Without Losing Your Blessings, Your Health, and Your Freedom Without Kicking Their Ass or Worse
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Moving On and Over the Toxic People In Your Life Without Losing Your Blessings, Your Health, and Your Freedom Without Kicking Their Ass or Worse



By Joyce Nanette Johnson


It’s 2018 and everyone’s yelling at you that it’s a new year and leave all grudges, anger, and pain behind.  They say things like “Let it pass”, “Move on”, Turn the other check, or “Take the high road”. I know it’s wrong and un-Christian like, but sometimes I’d like to dole out some old fashioned bone-on-bone street justice with no life-threatening knives or guns involved. I do not advocate violence, I do not encourage violence, nor do I support violence, but I do understand violence especially when you’re exposed to fake lovers, fake friends, fake family, and other toxic individuals. Pray for me.

I realize that we all would like to think of ourselves as upstanding middle class, respectful citizens who are all full of self-respect. We, would never lower ourselves to stoop so low as physical one-on-one violence.  We have our homes, the luxury cars, and the letters behind our name, and we know all the “right” people who we intermingle with. We have arrived. But let’s be honest. Sometimes in the late midnight hour there have been times when the Devil has whispered the most delicious, creative forms of payback anyone can imagine in your ear.   Pray for me.

Let it pass? I’d like to pass a hot pot of grits over their heads. Move on? I’d like to move a boulder on top of their tiny heads.  Turn the other cheek? Yes, I would like to slap their cheek to the other side of their head.  And taking the high road would only be desirable if I could run their irritating ass over with a hummer or jeep.

But I can’t.  I’ve got to let it go. For a couple of reasons.  First “vengeance is mine sayeth the lord.” Nobody can provide better payback than the Lord. But it’s in his time and I know we get tired of waiting.  But hopefully that bad karma will arrive on their bi-polar doorstep one day soon.

Second reason is our health.    When you get so mad your blood pressure has shot up 20 points and you’re breathing more heavy than even when you’re having sex. Your head is pounding and sometimes you’ve even broken out in a smelly sweat.

Third reason: They will take our old asses to jail. 


But I know you’re angry out there and here’s my late Uncle RC Pompey’s list of reasons why:

They live in your house

They eat your food

They take your clothes

They drive your car

They don’t repay your money

And then They say “You’re the one wrong and ain’t no good”. Unreal!!


Well, try to calm down, I feel your pain.  I feel your un-justice. Go take a walk, a bath, or drink a glass, no two glasses of wine and dream for about 5 minutes of back in the day justice and then let it go.  I’ll pray for you and You pray for me

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Doris on Monday, January 29, 2018 12:58 PM
It's funny that I heard the "let It Go" from church yesterday. On Saturday night watching the Van Jones show, he ended the show saying that we should go to someone we have had issues with and re-connect. Well, I have let it go. But guess what - I'm NOT going to reconnect. And I feel good about that decision. It needs to be all about me in 2018. By the way, Uncle RC "spot on" in his statement. I'm getting weary of "giving" and I will focus on me without guilt.
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laustan on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 6:34 AM
Hello, please respond back if you read my comments. For sure, I wish I could write like you because your craft is enough to be an excellent writer, thanks!
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